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Supporting families in creating a balanced home, with a strong foundation on trust, respect and love.  

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Motherhood is one of THE most challenging times in a woman's life. Why? Because there's so many changes happening all at once, there are so many social pressures plus you have to remain the happy, go lucky woman you usually are... then you have all the feels! All the emotions flowing but most importantly  you have so much LOVE to give to your baby, children and partner but yet you forget THE most important person... YOU!

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I'm Mélyssa Léveillé and I am the owner and founder of Earthside Acres. 

My journey started over 10 years ago when I lost my mother at the age of 18 years old. Having lost someone so close, I felt abandoned, hurt and alone. When I lost the one person your suppose to have by your side throughout your life, I felt confused, afraid and frustrated. At this point, I had completely lost trust in life. Having had no support through this challenging time in my life and later becoming a new mother struggling with post-partum anxiety and depression. In a dark and terrifying place, I had hit my rock bottom. I was full of shame and mother’s guilt. I knew I had to start helping myself because my child deserved a better ME. He deserved a healthy mom!

Through healing, I realize that anxiety had been affecting my relationships by being a people pleaser, feeling responsible about others emotions and being disrespected.

The anxiety affected my self-esteem because I had no confidence in myself and being a new mother. I cared most about what others were thinking or doing, I lost sight of my values and  boundaries.

Lastly, anxiety had played a big role in my overall health practically my whole life. I experiences lack of sleep from overthinking, stress, digestion problems, panic attacks, migraines, mood and hormonal imbalanced to name a few.

Today, I have set boundaries in my relationships which makes spending time with family and friends a positive, fun time. I have built awareness of my thoughts and body, plus have taken onto physical activity such as weight lifting. Therefore, I have create a healthy balance in my life of me time and being a working mom. With this balance, I can be the mom I’ve always dreamed to be! Patient, Present and Positive!

At Earthside Acres, the horses and I work with children, teens and mothers to help create a foundation of trust, respect and love. The families get to grow and really create a loving and supportive home environment. 

Mélyssa Léveillé


Overcoming shyness

“We really loved our experience with Earthside Acres. My daughter still talks about the animals and thoroughly enjoyed her session in the welcoming, positive environment. Mélyssa was caring, knowledgeable and helpful This is a wonderful resource —- highly recommended." -Melina

Reconnecting with my partner

“My experience at Earthside Acres for my couples session was great. Mélyssa has a way to make you feel comfortable and it simply made the experience that much more fun. She was there to guide us, help us and support us during the session. The couples session made both myself and my husband realise how we are so easy at questionning or thinking to much insted of simply awnsering a simple question. This session brought us many laughs, communication is key and it was great time. I would recommand Earthside Acres to couples who want to try something new, fun, connecting and enjoyable." -Jali Dallaire

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