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Mother and Baby
It’s at the heart of Earthside Acres to create a personal experience for you, setting your personal goals and intentions through your motherhood journey.


Provide a unique experience of growth and self-development for women through the wisdom of the horse. Earthside Acres goal is for women to feel heard, supported and understood as they grow in their life journey. The feeling of positivity, acceptance and belonging is at the heart of Earthside Acres.


Earthside Acres’ vision and objective is to give community members the chance to experience a deep connection with horses. They will accompany the clients through their journey. Horses can help to develop skills and emotional balance that create resilience to life’s challenges.  We would be a safe and trusted environment to the horses and clients. Whether you are a one-time a long-term client you will always be welcomed to the EarthSide Acres family.


I am here to support women through motherhood challenges, transforming shame and mother's guilt to confidence and self-love! If this speaks to you...

Book your FREE Connection call! 

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